My work comes out of a state of mind that incorporates experiences of anxiety, existential crisis, and emotional turmoil subconsciously and consciously embedded in the pictorial terrain. My compositions are constructed through multiple layers of imagination, blended with my contextual reality as well as a process of understanding my contemporary time and space through empirical knowledge, personal accounts, and various socio-political issues. The recent pandemic and political conflicts in different parts of the world have left us emotionally and socially traumatized. The liberty to express myself against the onslaught of human tragedies happening around the globe is something that I try to invoke in my work. My work focuses on important social and political issues in a layered way, using images that represent experiences of our contemporary time in both a satirical and symbolic manner. Consequently, in my works, the amalgamation of biological drawings, anthropomorphic imageries, representational objects, human figures, and surreal elements can be seen through the layers of different textures of both paint and paper. In some of the works, references of design patterns of saree and textile designs can be found intermingling with some of the images within the oeuvre, creating a feminine sensibility. The saree borders have cultural and historical meanings that show not only the textile tradition of Bangladesh, but also the paths of Bengali women from different walks of life in history.