Scope Miami: USA

29 November - 4 December 2022 
Booth C05
Narayan Sinha (B.1975.India)
Narayan Sinha grew up in a rural village seven hours North of Kolkata. His practice is a reflection of a contrasted upbringing between the wild nature of Bengal and his family's automotive factories. Narayan reimagines life through found mechanical mediums; small interventions create life like objects from cast-away metal scraps. His practice considers stereotypical meanings and explores what it is to be present as living being. His interventions are meditations on his experience, and a reaction to his own sensitivity amidst a still heavily masculine society in rural India.
"Wounds of Time" was Narayan's first international presentation at Volta Basel, 2022. “Flourish” was Narayan’s second international presentation at Contemporary Istanbul in September 2022, which will soon be followed by yet another international presentation “Celebration” at Scope Miami in Nov 2022. Narayan Sinha, born 1975, completed his Bachelors in science from Calcutta University. Since 2000, Narayan has held over 20 solo shows across India. Some of them include; "Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata in 2008; 'The Address' Kolkata in 2008; " Sonar Bangla', Kolkata and quite a few editions of India Art Fair in association with some of the most well known galleries and art foundations of the country. In Aug 2022, Narayan Sinha was a part of group show “Riyāz” hosted by Iram Art at Bikaner House, New Delhi.