Bhavish Ahuja

My current series or body of work uses rope/string as my  muse primarily. I have deep desire to contemplate and investigate constitution and relation between metaphysical existence with the physical. Rope to me has a dual property, in that, while it is confining and restricting; it is also what brings the parts together and holds them as a unit. In my current body of work, I tie knots which in mereological terms, can be considered as simples. Simples are parts that make up the whole and wholes. The paradoxical dichotomy that whether we are surrounded by parallel universes or does anything actually exists, is the subject of enquiry in my works while studying the relationship between wholes and its constituting parts. These knots are metaphorically synonymous with mereological theory of identity; being nothing but an entanglement of its own basic evolving self. I'm intrigued with subjects such as existentialism, nihilism, universalism and noneism and deeply inspired by paradoxes such as Ship of Theseus and Heraclitus river. My background has been science on one hand and spirituality/philosophy on the other. Hence, the dichotomy runs through everything in my work, whether we talk about dual nature of rope or the metaphysical subject of enquiry and my own evolving self.